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Boone County Water Rescue recommends that you have a Float Plan, which is designed to assist in locating you and your boat should something happen. When you go sailing, fishing or boating, leave a copy of your Float Plan with a family member or friend, your marina or yacht club. They will then be able to notify the proper authorities should you not return as scheduled

Too often when boaters are reported overdue, friends and family do not have all the information necessary to adequately assist rescue agencies. A Float Plan is your lifeline to prompt rescue should anything go wrong.

Click on the selected format below and you can fill out and print a Float Plan, which includes a description of your boat, who is on board, where you expect to be and when you expect to be there. Our template is just a tool to help you generate a customized Float Plan. You can return to this site each time you need a Float Plan or you may save it as a local file on your computer, where you can open it any time you need a Float Plan, type in the needed information, print it and give a copy to a responsible party.

WARNING: Boone County Water Rescue does not keep a copy of your Float Plan. It is up to you to fill it out, print it and make sure someone has a copy. Boone County Water Rescue has no way to report a boat overdue.

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