Boone County Water Rescue
Proudly serving Boone, Kenton, and Campbell Counties

The Boone County Water Rescue (BCWR) has many qualities but the one that stands out more than any other is the dedication of all the men and women that help others in time of need. We have three positions in this team Crew Personnel, EMT's and Divers. All of these positions are equally important and each one depends on the others.

Each man and woman is ready to give of their time at a moments notice when needed. Every current and past member has given back to their community the spirit of giving. With the economy increasing year to year there is less and less volunteers willing to serve.

Rescue and recovery is only a small part of the building of this team. Like all organizations, the work entails other tasks such as cleaning and maintaining the equipment, public relations, boat patrol, training and many other aspects are all equally important to make this team a functional and professional organization. (BCWR) is funded by Boone County, Kenton County, Campbell County, Bracken County and the City of Covington which we are very grateful. Every member one time or the other is put at some risk; they do this freely and expect nothing in return. We all deal with two emotions one being a high when the job is finished and a very low concerning a family's grief. Each member is faced with situations that require them to leave that meal they just sat down too or leaving in the morning and not returning until the next day, and think after the end of each detail every member is willing to do it all over again. Water Rescue is not new to this area. Northern Ky. is fortunate to have well trained teams ready to help when needed.

This team is filled with the idea and vision that each person on the team makes a difference, their hearts are filled with compassion and the desire to succeed, and they all are there to help.

You know it was planned that we should spend our lives in helping others. We were not meant to be just consumers, but contributors to this world and we will go places that we are not meant to go.

When finishing one task is just the beginning of another if you believe in what you're doing and when the desire is so overwhelming to quit that maybe the time to continue.

Stay Safe

Captain Dale Appel

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